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A Klein Silk Lion

A Klein Silk Lion, Rd/Yl/b/, Size: None Large silk scarf by Anne Klein featuring her iconic lion graphic. Signed Red Gold Black and white 34 square Excellent condition, I found one tiny smudge on it as shown in my last photo Thanks for looking! #74954 Learn More

Saraceno Silk

Saraceno Silk, Rd/grn/b, Size: None Gorgeous print silk scarf with hand rolled edges by Saraceno. Wintery Jewel tones in burgundy, black and forest green 33 square Thanks for looking! #74949 Learn More


Mantilla, Cream, Size: None This is a beautiful lace head scarf or mantilla . It is a soft slightly irregular triangle and reaches down to about the shoulders. The color is a light beige color The lace is very nice and soft to the touch. Perfect condition. The triangle measures 41.5 on the longest side,30 on one side and 26 on the other. 18 from the middle of the longest side to the soft point of the triangle Thank you for looking. #74944 Learn More

Vtg Bill Blass Foral

Vtg Bill Blass Foral, Burgundy, Size: None Silk scarf by Bill Blass with an usual 'patchwork' print in burgundy, blue and cream. Irregular patches of floral and abstracts. Handrolled edges. Signed 26.5 square excellent condition, no flaws Thanks for looking! #71215 Learn More

Basha Vegetable Oblong

Oblong Silk Scarf Black background with gorgeous jewel tone vegetables by Basha Excellent condition no flaws L: 57 W: 10 Thanks for looking! #71212 Learn More

Vtg Mod Fringed

Vtg Mod Fringed, Yellow, Size: None Ab Fab sash belt in a bubbly geometric psychedelic pattern By Symphony Scarves Strong acetate twill, the scarf is a wide piece of the fabric folded in half length wise and sewn. So the back side and the front side hve the full depth of color and pattern. Yellow, cream, tan, brown, gray Length: 70 Width: 10 3/8 Thanks for looking #74965 Learn More

Geometric Fringed Sash

Geometric wide sash or oblong scarf. Navy ed and a liltle white bold grid pattern. The edges are fringed, the scarf is a tube of the fabric. so it's quite substantial and has enough body to hold a BIG bow. No tags. Length: 70.5 Width: 8.5 Thanks for looking #70434 Learn More

Pierre Balmain Sm Silk Sq
Size: 22.5 Sq

Pierre Balmain Sm Silk Sq, Blue, Size: 22.5 Sq Pretty silk sqaure by Parisian designer Pierre Balmain. Navy blue with pink yellow teal and periwinkle leaves and flowers surrounded by gold scroll elements silk twill 22.5 square. Excellent vintage condition, no flaws thanks for looking! #74011 Learn More

Hermes Bonsai Scarf
Size: 34

Hermes Bonsai Scarf, Salmon, Size: 34 This is a gorgeous Hermes Scarf produced in 1991/92 designed by the Artist: Catherine Baschet Les Beaux Jours de Bonsai Salmon and other pink tones as the base and surrounded be exquisitely rendered bonsai trees all bearing fruit and or flowers silk twill 34 square. excellent pre-owned condition with some faint marks near one corner, please see all of my photos. thanks for looking! #74010 Learn More

Vtg Celtic Knot Silk Oblg
Size: N

Simple black and white scarf with stylized celtic knots grid pattern Silk Excellent condition W: 11 L: 41 Thanks for looking! #65690 Learn More

Vtg Day Lilly Silk Scarf

Very pretty square silk scarf in soft tannish orange and gray. cream center and touches of black The floral pattern features large scale lillies. Hand rolled edge it's signed, but I cannot make out the letters! Milren? Please help if you know, I would really appreciate! 30 x30 Thanks for looking! #65691 Learn More

Vtg Skimore Souvenir

Pretty scarf that was designed as a souvenir for a Skidmore College tradition called Chummy Mummy weekend. This one was made in Italy of sturdy polyester twill and features elegant ladies and gentleman riding in one horse drawn open carriages. Gray, dark red and black Marked and labeled Aprox 27 square Excellent condition. thanks for looking! #65698 Learn More