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Emotional Outlet Consignment Terms

Updated: November 5, 2022 

We appreciate your business and are committed to selling your items at the best possible price.  Please familiarize yourself with the following terms.  All terms are subject to change without prior notice. In the paragraphs below “EO” refers to “Emotional Outlet” and “Consignor” refers to you. 

1.                Consignment - Consignor authorizes EO to sell all or any portion of the goods consigned for the best price possible.   This is not a guarantee that all or any items will sell.  Consignments will be accepted by Appointment Only, please visit https://calendly.com/emotionaloutlet/consignor-drop-off to make your appointment. 

2.                Condition - All items must be in excellent condition and must be clean, free of stains, odors, pet hair or damage.  Items must be in season and meet our high standards for quality and style.  It’s a great idea to call ahead and find out what we are taking before coming in. Unacceptable merchandise will be donated unless other arrangements are made at the time of drop-off.  Items must come in bags, bins, or boxes, NOT on hangers.  Items must be right side out. 

3.                Term - The consignment period is 45 days. This period begins when the item is tagged.  At the end of 45 days items “expire”.  Expired items may be picked up by the customer if desired.  Items not picked up by 20 days after the expiration date become the property of EO.  All pickups must be arranged in advance so your items can be ready for you. 

4.         Retrieving Unexpired Items - Consignors who wish to retrieve their items before their expiration date will pay a fee equal to 10% of unexpired items’ tagged price. All such pickups must arranged in advance. 

5.           Proceeds - The consignor is paid on the following scale:

                            Item Selling Price*          Consignment paid

                              0 - $50.00                            40%

                             $50.01 - $150.00                   50%

                             Over $150                            65%

            *Consignment proceeds are calculated from net purchase price, after any online fees (if applicable) are deducted.  Consignors may collect their account balances anytime EO is open.  Payments can also be made to Paypal accounts or through Zelle or Venmo at no charge.  Checks can be mailed for a $1 handling fee. 

6              MYRESALEWEB.COM Consignors can monitor their accounts at this website.  Information available here includes consignor’s account balance, inventory list, account activity and expiration dates. 

7.           Risk of Loss - Consignor leaves all item items at his or her own risk.  EO assumes no liability for loss, destruction or damage of any kind to consigned items including, without limitation, fire damage, water damage, damage by customers and theft. 

Emotional Outlet is located at

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Telephone: (518) 224-8886


Michele McGlone, Owner