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Statement Brooches

Type: Jewelry Set

Item #: 36068

Availability: In stock


This is a pretty collection of vintage costume 1960s statement brooches

The collection consists of:
a. Round Rhinestone Coat Pin 2.5in diameter, the pin is bent but works fine, it might have been made this way to accomodate the thickness of a coat?
b. Signed Monet straight floral pin with large rhinestones
c. Faux turquoise with blue rhinestones and dangling chains
d. Crescent leaf pin in rhinstones set in gold
e. Black metal Anchor with irridescent rhinestones
f. Antiqued coppery gold tone pin, two sweet cats with a little circle of tiny rhinestones
g. Gold cat pin, a mother and her kitten.

All in great shape, I have photos of the back of each pin, lmk if you'd like to see any of them.

Thanks for looking!