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Wool 2 Pc Cape

Size: Medium

Type: Coat

Item #: 42444

Availability: Sold


My Mom bought this cape in the 80s I believe and wore it to dinners and dances.
She gave it to me to wear in the mid 90s on the most romantic date I ever had. (and yes we ended up getting married :)
Since then, It has had no one to wear it and nowhere to go so I am hoping some young romantic will give it a new life.
I just had it dry cleaned so it is fresh and ready to wear.
It's wool
It's a two piece black cape.
The main piece is a long simple collarless cape that has 5 buttons. It's fullly lined in creamy black charmeuse and it has an interior pocket.
The top piece is a short cape that sits on the shoulders and ties at the neck.

17.5in across the shoulder in the interior.

Perfect condition
Thanks for looking!